How to Properly Design Your Blog’s Contact Page

Elementor is the next big thing in the WordPress plugins space. Amazing never-seen-before features, great support, frequent updates, and a whole lot more.

Even if you’re not gonna be creating full-blown landing pages with Elementor, it has so many features that can help you improve your website’s design, functionality, and conversion rate.

Wait, did I say conversion rate? How would a page builder plugin help improve the conversion rate of your existing articles?


Well, you can’t call it the best because it doesn’t have popups. But who really wants popups when inline forms can get the job done just as well (and even better in some cases).

$15 – $45
  • Elementor Features:
  • Forms, Slides, Posts, Testimonials, etc.
  • Custom CSS
  • Revision History
  • Social Sharing Buttons
  • and much more