VIDEO: Introducing PS4 Air Jordan Sneakers, Complete With HDMI – IGN News

A sneaker designer has unveiled the JRDN 4 X PS4, a pair of customised Air Jordan sneakers with design influences from Sony’s PlayStation 4.


VIDEO: GRID Autosport – Touring Legends Expansion

Silverstone and Donington Park circuits, classic cars and new championships available in the new Touring Legends pack for GRID Autosport.


VIDEO: Destiny After Level 20 & Smash Bros. Demo – IGN Daily Fix

Destiny’s executive producer discusses what happens after level 20 and Smash Bros. 3DS gets a demo. Plus, Assassin’s Creed Unity lacks French accents & Forza Horizon 2 goes gold.


VIDEO: Destiny’s Vault of Glass Raid Has Been Beaten – IGN News

Vault of Glass, Destiny’s first raid, has been beaten 14 hours after it went live, by a clan called PrimeGuard.


VIDEO: SNTV – Cara Delevingne Lands Lead Role in John Green’s Paper Towns

Cara Delevingne has landed the lead role opposite Nat Wolff in the film Paper Towns, based on the book by John Green.


VIDEO: What the world is doing to stop Ebola

President Obama has announced that thousands of U.S. troops will head to West Africa to lead the fight against Ebola, in addition to the $175 million already spent. But what is the rest of the world doing? Here are some …


VIDEO: Proof Jennifer Lawrence Is the Classiest Actress in Hollywood

Jennifer Lawrence is an Oscar winner, the lead in a blockbuster franchise, and so much more. We at POPSUGAR think Jennifer is one of the classiest actresses around, and here’s why she’s able to weather any storm with her trademark …


VIDEO: Water spouts spotted near the coast of Florida

Residents of the Pensacola, Fla., area posted video of water spouts in the Gulf of Mexico on Sept. 15 and 16.


VIDEO: What four key senators are saying about the Islamic State

The Senate Foreign Relations Committee will hold a hearing on Wednesday to discuss the U.S. strategy against the Islamic State. Listen to committee members’ talking points for the hearing before they say them.


VIDEO: SNTV – Mila Kunis Prefers Nudity During Last Stretch of Pregnancy

Mila Kunis reportedly prefers to walk around naked in order to achieve comfort during her final stages of pregnancy.


How Much Longer Will Rush Limbaugh Poison America?

After the most recent filth he spread about sexual assaults, the Majority Report discusses how much longer Rush Limbaugh will poison the country and reminisce on times he’s made himself look like a fool…

This clip from the Majority Report, …

How Much Longer Will Rush Limbaugh Poison America?

Rush Limbaugh: Hey Fellas! Sometimes ‘No’ Means ‘Yes’ If You Can “Spot It”

Rush Limbaugh says “no means yes if you know how to spot it” and spews disgusting arguments on sexual assaults…

This clip from the Majority Report, live M-F at 12 noon EST and via daily podcast at http://Majority.FM

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Rush Limbaugh: Hey Fellas! Sometimes ‘No’ Means ‘Yes’ If You Can “Spot It”

VIDEO: Netflix CEO: Expect European Profits In a Decade

Sept. 16 (Bloomberg) — In today’s “Movers & Shakers,” Bloomberg’s Betty Liu reports on Reed Hastings and Netflixs expansion into Europe. She speaks on Bloomberg Television’s “In The Loop.” (Source: Bloomberg)


VIDEO: Scotland: U.K. Prime Minister Rallies for `No Vote

Sept. 16 (Bloomberg) — Bloomberg Money Clip Host Adam Johnson updates the latest news on the upcoming Scottish independence referendum. (Source: Bloomberg)


VIDEO: Boeing-SpaceX Team to Share $6.8B NASA Space Taxi Award

Sept. 16 (Bloomberg) — Boeing and Elon Musks SpaceX will split as much as $6.8 billion in federal funding to help the U.S. resume manned missions and end its dependence on Russian rockets. Olivia Sterns reports on Street Smart. (Source: …


VIDEO: China’s WeChat Goes Beyond Social Networking

China’s WeChat, known as a cross between WhatsApp and Facebook, aims to be part of every aspect of your daily life. WSJ’s Menglin Huang explains how it works.


VIDEO: Rackspace Ends Strategic Review, Names New CEO

Sept. 16 (Bloomberg) — Rackspace Hosting Inc., a provider of cloud-computing services, ended a strategic review that was seen as a prelude to a possible acquisition. Olivia Sterns reports on Street Smart. (Source: Bloomberg)